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Your Goals Matter

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

Everyone knows that fitness is healthy and something they "should" be doing. But you aren't going to be motivated by the vague notion that "exercise is healthy" or "working out makes you look better.

To really stay motivated, think of WHY your goals are important to you personally.

Reasons like:

  • · "Diabetes runs In my family because we're all overweight, and I want to stick around for my children."

  • · "I've lost self confidence after gaining weight and want to be able to fit in my old jeans again"

  • · "I want to feel awesome about my body and be confident when I take my shirt off."

I know what it's like to feel uncomfortable, to get teased about your weight, to hate the reflection looking back at me, to look at old pictures and be reminded of how unhappy you were then and now.

For the ladies and maybe even men, that feeling when you have to force your jeans on because they are now 2-3 sizes too small. It's such a terrible feeling when you stand there staring at your reflection and you ask yourself.. "what happened?"… "When did I gain all this weight?" "Why did I let myself get to this point?"

Been There.. Still There.. But Currently Conquering!

For me, it was the final straw. Enough was enough! I wanted to feel comfortable in my own skin, I wanted to fall in love with the person in the mirror, I wanted to feel and look good in everything I wore.

That ugly feeling and those questions became my goal, my goal to never feel that way again!

These reasons are way more compelling. They make your goals real to you.

Once you've thought of your reasons, write them down. Ideally, write them in a place where you will be able to check them or be reminded of them regularly.

Now, whenever your resolve starts to waver, all you have to do is glance at your personal, written reasons for working out. Remembering the importance of your long-term goals will keep you motivated.

I'm not saying that will always be enough though, there will be days where you seriously do not feel like working out, especially after a long day of work. You have to push through that feeling, you have to remind yourself of that feeling that got you to say enough is enough.

You have to be your own motivation in this journey because only you know how YOU felt. Only you know how important your goal is to you.

Everything is a ripple effect, one day off because you're too tired will probably mean another day, another week, or another month of days off because "you're too tired" or "Unmotivated" OR

It can mean another day, another week, and another month closer to achieving your goals because you pushed through your excuses and fought for a better, happier, healthier, and confident you!


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