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The Misconception of Big Box Gyms Vs Small Box Gyms

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

Before reading ask yourself “What’s the real reason that you want be healthy and what do you have to do to make it happen?”

I’m going to cut straight to the chase because I know I only have a limited time to catch your attention before you leave this page and maybe never see it again.

Before choosing a Big Box Gym, first you have to analyze yourself and your goals.

How much experience do you have when working out? Are you educated on how to do the workout with proper form? Should you do super sets? If so, how often? How long should you take a break in between workouts? Should you eat before going to the gym? How many calories should you be striving to burn?

The list can go on and on forever really. I see many people excited when they first sign up for a gym membership at a big box gym because they’ve finally made that first step into getting healthier, but the truth is they have so many questions with no answers.

That’s primarily the reason why Big Box gyms literally have rows and rows of cardio equipment because they know it’s the easiest to use for all the members and it doesn’t require any assistance from the employees to any member.

I mean think about it.. Are you signing up because a gym has 30 treadmills followed by 30 ellipticals and 50 bikes? NO!! You sign up to a gym because you believe in your mind that you can get a result there. That’s it!

A Big Box gym that has over 20,000 sq ft. can typically hold between 5,000-15,000 members. Meaning you really are just a number to them. Not to sound mean or cruel, but I’m just being real. Think about it..How much value can you really expect from a gym if you’re only paying them $10-$25 a month? Probably slim to none.

Wanting to change is not a bad thing, it’s great actually, but when you haven’t worked out in years and you go into a Big Box Gym and see people walking around as if Michelangelo himself sculpted them, it’s very common to feel that intimidation and awkwardness of having people who have worked out for years look at you as if you don’t belong there. In most cases people hardly ever go back after the first couple days after signing up.

And guess what? You get forgotten about. There are no follow-up, no motivation, no one to guide you back and keep you accountable. Eventually you begin to blend in with all the other members who never show up and soon just become another face in the crowd.

Now let’s talk about Small Box Gyms...

Small Box Gyms are soon to be the dominator in the fitness world due to the attention and service that is given to its members.

Overall, Members are the priority. Look, everyone goes through stuff in life, so when you have an instructor or a coach who knows your goals on a personal level and truly cares about you, it creates a bond where someone is constantly keeping you accountable to your goals. Especially when you’re consistently surrounded by other members who are striving to achieve what you’re trying to achieve which is to feel and look GREAT!

With Small Box Gyms you receive real and genuine advice from your coaches and instructors because when you win, they win.

If it’s been a while since you’ve worked out, I really 200% suggest for you to find a Small Box Gym that offers great service for an affordable price to be the gym that you sign for because you will be guaranteed guidance and results.

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