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5 things to know before signing up for a gym membership

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

Signing a gym membership isn’t something that should be a life or death type of decision.

Being active and in shape should be a necessity for self happiness, awareness and a healthy mind regardless if you train at home or at your local gym.

Here are five things to know when signing up for a gym membership.


  • Remember, your local gym should not be over 10 miles away from your home or work. It must be somewhere where it’s convenient for you to attend.

  • Traffic, is something nobody that I know enjoys, so make sure the gym you decide to attend doesn’t require for you to sit in traffic to arrive at your destination.

  • Parking, no one likes to go in circles in parking lots to look for the most convenient place to park their vehicle, so make sure the gym you’re planning on attending has great parking available for you.


  • Signing up for a gym membership shouldn’t be a burden on your bills..Remember, you’re doing this for YOU, no one else. Learn to spend some money for your personal satisfaction and goals.

  • The cheapest isn’t always the best..Meaning if you’re serious about getting results and being consistent, but have a lack of motivation and inspiration after a period of time..Chances are you might not stick to your goals. It’ll be best to look into a gym that offers coaches or trainers who can train and coach you for a reasonable price.

  • Never be afraid to ask if they offer different types of payment plans. It can be weekly or maybe even Bi-Weekly types of payments. Just depends on your budget.

How’s the staff?

  • First impressions are always the dominator. What sets apart different gyms is the atmosphere when walking through the front doors for the very first time. If no one stands up to greet you and ask you for your name, it’s very possible that they don’t have a great, uplifting, and motivated culture.

  • Teamwork makes the dream work. Walking into a gym should not have to feel awkward, weird or even intimidating. Make sure you not only look at the equipment they offer, but feel free to see how the staff treats their members. Do they smile and greet members as they walk in? Because chances are if they can’t do that small gesture as greet their members, how would you expect to feel welcomed into a gym that you’re paying for?

  • As the manager or sales rep is giving you your tour of the facility, don’t forget to look around and ask yourself..”Do I really know how to operate this equipment?” It’s very important that you be honest with yourself because if you don’t know how to use the equipment, it’s very likely you’re going to feel out of place which will then eventually lead to you not wanting to attend the gym anymore.

Do they offer a blueprint?

  • Once you sign up for a gym membership, your next question would probably be..”Ok, what now?” It’s a question that many people ask themselves after signing up for a gym membership. Many members after joining a gym will go directly to the cardio machines to either walk or take a light jog on a treadmill. Why? Because it’s the easiest thing to do at a gym that you’re not familiar with.

  • Some, but not all gym managers and sales reps will tell you exactly what you want to hear. Don’t bother signing up at gyms like these. Honesty is always the best medicine. Don’t be afraid to be honest and say “Hey, I really have no clue how to work out, can someone show me what to do?” If they say, let me connect you with our trainers for a free session, that’s also a huge red flag. Although it’s great to get thirty minutes of free training, Their job is to bring in as much revenue as possible, meaning more memberships and more booked classes with trainers, the more money for the gym which in result more money out of your pocket.

  • The blueprint. The journey to a healthier and better version of you requires a blueprint. It’s a roadmap that pretty much sums up exactly what you would be doing at the gym every time you go. These are the gyms to attend. In most cases they’ll remember your name, know your goals and you won’t be another face in the crowd. Don’t forget to look into gyms like these!

Do you see yourself sticking with it?

  • Again, remember to be honest with yourself! Just ask yourself a simple question “Do I really see myself sticking with it?” Many people, who sign up for a gym, sign up due to emotion. Although it is an amazing feeling to want to better yourself and taking action, remember, that emotion will not always be there.. That’s why it’s crucial to know if they offer the support team to help you out when that emotion is no longer there.

  • Stuff happens, we know. Stuff happens to all of us in many different ways, but it’s not about what happens to us, it’s about how fast we get back up and back on track. Having friends and a supportive staff at the gym to encourage you can really go a long way.

  • At the end of the day, it’s completely up to you. Are you going to be consistent? Are you going to clean up your diet? Are you going to stop comparing your progress and body to someone else? That answer is up to you. Just know that working out should be fun, not a burden of having to wake up early in the morning or having to come in after work. Enjoy the process of getting to a healthier and happier you and don’t forget to #BeInvincible


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